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The product offers a suite of tools for small businesses to handle the quotidian tasks of HR, including managing vacation time, compiling employee directories and improving the onboarding of new hires. Reeves is particularly passionate about the latter point. One particular area of focus for HR Basics is around onboarding. Gusto is hoping it can move all HR paperwork online, so that everything required to officially onboard an employee can be done even before the employee walks into work the first day.

With that out of the way, Gusto can then focus on helping companies create the right corporate culture. The Welcome Wall is designed to encourage new employees joining a company. For example, a retail computer store may have a special low price on a popular laser printer in the hopes that customers will also buy toner and paper from the store as well.

Using freebie marketing can be extremely effective. If you have core of loyal customers, then they can be a lucrative target for freebie marketing. As an example, if you gave all of your male customers a free shaving kit, then you would hope that those loyal customers would buy all of their replacement blades and shaving cream from you.

Less is More: How to Create an Effective Freebie Strategy

You need to be careful when using freebie marketing as it can backfire on you. If you offer a line of computer CD burning drives for a price that is below your cost, then you are hoping for the sale of blank CDs to make it worth your investment. However, your competitor may decide to undercut you on the price of blank CDs, causing you to lose significant revenue on your freebie marketing campaign.

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Customers love to get things for free, and retailers love to give away free items that require expensive accessories or supplies to run. Before you get involved in a freebie marketing campaign, try to get special pricing from your supplier. In some cases, if you let your supplier know what your marketing plans are, he may decide to get involved and offer you a special price on your giveaway products and give you marketing funds as well.

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If you can offset the costs of a freebie marketing campaign, then you stand a much better chance of making a profit. Products By Bayt.

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